Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling - Delta Barb OhoriToday’s fast and furious pace often puts  couples relationships to the test.  Do you find yourself asking questions such as:

Can this relationship work?

Is my marriage over?

Why do we keep arguing over and over again?

What has happened to our communication?

These are but a few questions you may be asking yourself about your relationship.

Maybe there has been an affair, perhaps addiction or abuse of some kind is destroying your trust. Parenting styles may be clashing; maybe you are part of a blended family and struggling to make it work.

There are just so many different reasons why a couple may look to peruse professional support.

Couples Counselling can help you figure it out. I have been supporting couples of all ages and stages for over 10 years. I am also part of a blended family and have raised 4 children so I am very well aware of the real issues that can arise. I am here to help you understand your relationship, and give you ideas, tools and a safe place to air it all out and move on towards the relationship you want and deserve.
My Couples Counseling Training has come from several schools

– Emotionally Focused Couples from The Family Institute

– The Couples Institute of San Francisco Developmental Model

– The Satir Training Institute

Many relationships can not only be saved by Couples Counselling but positively enhanced and renewed with hope for a better future. Couples Counselling

 Increases ability to resolve conflicts

–  Enjoy better communication

–  Strengthens ability to grow and develop both as individuals and as a couple.