Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling Services Delta-Barb Ohori RTC; MTCThere are many different reasons why an Individual might seek counselling.

For many of my clients this might be their first time in counselling, for others maybe they have received counselling in the past.  So whether this is your first time to try this type of support or not I promise you I will make it interesting , helpful, relevant and a worthwhile experience for you.

Depression, Anxiety, Relationships not going well, Relationship breakups, Grief and Loss over a loved one, these are just a few reasons why people seek Professional Support.

We all started out with our own families, for some these were tough times and perhaps I can help heal some of those hurts. Individual counselling can help people understand themselves with greater clarity and make sense of the confusion, sadness or help define which path to take at times of transition.

My sincere belief is that most people who seek counselling are motivated to make a change but they are just not sure how to go about it…Professional help can speed up that process.

I have a direct, caring and warm style of communication that I believe is one of my biggest strengths in helping me be a competent and effective Counsellor.