Youth Counselling

BO-YouthCounsellingPageContent-ImageDo you have a Youth or Teen that you are concerned about?

Many loving and caring parents worry about their teens, there seem to be so many things that may affect your teen

– Changes in behaviour

– Non compliant attitude.

– Not attending School/not completing school work.

– Drug use

– Anxiety, Depression, Self Harm (cutting)

– Behaviour Issues  ADD and ADHD

– Suicidal Threats, words.

Youth are facing many social demands, expectations and choices that are very new to our world and culture… many families are really struggling to help but get stuck in where to go and how to support their child.

I have been an advocate for Child Youth Mental Health in both Private Practice and for several Non Profit Organizations in the Richmond and Vancouver area. I am a parent with lived experience.  I also present workshops on Child Youth Mental health to several School Boards across the Province of B.C.

Professional Counselling support can help your teen have a safe place to find expression, compassion and learn some coping tools to help.

If your Teen is refusing to go to Counselling I encourage you to call me regardless, I can give you some ideas about this.

As a parent of a Youth you have a very small window to really do what needs to be done and I do  strongly encourage families to maximize their influence when they still can.